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Audio Project Turnover Specifications

Please also see our VO/ADR Record Turnover Specifications


  • Please deliver at the intended finishing frame rate per distribution specifications.

  • 2-pop should occur at 00:59:58:00* 

  • first frame of picture/FFOA should occur at 1:00:00:00*  

  • Please have a visual 2-pop in the Quicktime reference as well an audio 2 pop in the OMF/AAF or stems provided.
    *Please coordinate if you are using a different Timecode standard such as Feet+Frames or delivering without a 2-pop


1. Quicktime Picture Reference

  • ProRes Proxy is what we use to edit. For smaller online delivery, a QuickTime H264 will work, please no .mp4s.

  • Timecode window burn-in [see above for Timecode specs]  Please put in an action safe corner, small enough not to block any mouths or sound-related events but large enough to read.

  • An audio reference of how the project has sounded up until the turnover point in the edit should be attached to the QuickTime. 


  • For OMFs under 2GB, Please make sure the OMF is consolidated and embedded with 10 to 20-second handles depending on file size restrictions. WAV or AIFF is accepted.

  • If exceeding the 2 gig file size limit on an OMF please break up the OMF by track and make sure there is a 2-pop on every OMF.

  • All raw production microphone tracks (Boom/Plant/Lav) should be present in the AAF/OMF.
    Please coordinate if the alternate microphone tracks need to be relinked.

  • If there are any rendered effects in the AAF/OMF please also include the original unaffected audio.

  • The more organized the tracks in the AAF/OMF are by VO, Dialog, SFX, and Music, the faster we can get started with it.

  • All audio in the AAF/OMF should be in sync with the QuickTime reference and play down as heard in the Editorial project.

  • Our preferred method for audio turnover from Adobe Premier is an AAF, copy whole files, separate audio files folder. This way the audio file's metadata is more likely to stay intact.



Please provide both a Picture as well as an Audio EDL of the project

4. Music

In addition to the music in the AAF/OMF, Please include all original full-resolution and full-length files as delivered by the composer/supplier.


5. Production Audio Files/Sound Rolls
All production audio and sound notes as delivered by the production sound mixer, as well as a copy of the script, should be provided.

6. Delivery Specs

Please include all available Delivery Specifications required by the Broadcaster/Distributor/Event



Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.

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