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Working as a Commercial Colorist for over 18 years, McPheeters honed his craft at Rushes coloring for the industry’s most influential Cinematographers. Paying close attention to film stocks, camera & lens choices, Jonny quickly developed a keen eye for bringing a DP’s vision to life.


With a thirst for knowledge, and a desire to constantly improve his ability to communicate with his Cinematographers, McPheeters became a film stock guru of sorts, often collaborating & experimenting with clientele as new negative and digital cameras were introduced. Although Jonny’s trusty Arri S has mostly been retired to a climate controlled storage unit in Redondo Beach, its always hungry for a Kodak snack.


Jonny and Melissa McPheeters created Libertad Soul in 2009 to allow them to follow their passions and creativity in production and post. As a sometimes DP for Libertad Soul, Jonny enjoys painting with light both before and after a shoot.


McPheeters is from Kewanee, Illinois and graduated from Monmouth College with a degree in Communications and Theatre Arts with a concentration in English and Art.

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