Audio Connection Specifications




Ideally, we prepare our session at least 1 day before the session start time. This requires us to have access to picture, dialogue / music / fx tracks, scripts or cue sheets (Edicue tracks if possible), and schedule a line test.




Pro Tools Ultimate  2018.4

Edicue 2.6.1


Source Connect : 

Source-Connect Standard 3.8.2

ID:  gypsysound



Phone Patch :       





Gypsy Sound


A HD video feed of the talent can be provided via a Skype video call if requested ahead of the session.



Picture Specs:       

Apple ProRes (Proxy preferred)

H264 in .mov file (not ideal)




24 bits 48kHz wavs preferred for dialogue, music and FX stems, otherwise, split track stereo wav audio embedded into picture, with dialogue panned hard left and combined music & FX panned hard right.




Available Microphones :         

 Boom : Sennheiser MKH 416                 Lav : DPA 4060                  Vocal : Neumann KLM 103

               Rode NTG-3                                       Sanken                                  SM7



Studio Contacts :


Studio Manager:

Studio Engineer:

Studio Engineer:


We have a dedicated FTP or a Wetransfer Plus account.

We can accept invitation links for Aspera (for downloads and uploads)



Session Setup with RTS :

Playback Engine Settings

Frame rates must match on both sides
Video locations are the same in the timeline
No pre/post roll
The “Se ReWire” plug-in is instantiated (aux track) in Pro Tools with any input or output (don’t have it say no input / ouput)
Sample rate is the same on both sides (or RTS will be disabled)
Session start time MUST be the same on both sides (ideally 00:00:00:00)
Delay Compensation must be off for RTS
No manual tempos or tempo mapping (see the Conductor icon in the expanded Transport window)

H/W buffer size should be set to 128
1 RTS processor
Lowest possible settings for DSP voices