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ADR/VO Record Turnover Specifications


Ideally, we prepare our session at least 1 day before the session start time.

Please also see our Remote Connection Specifications



  • Please deliver at the intended finishing frame rate per distribution specifications.

  • 2-pop should occur at 00:59:58:00* 

  • first frame of picture/FFOA should occur at 1:00:00:00*  

  • Please have a visual 2-pop in the Quicktime reference as well an audio 2 pop in the OMF/AAF or stems provided.
    *Please coordinate if you are using a different Timecode standard such as Feet+Frames or delivering without a 2-pop


1. Quicktime Picture Reference

  • ProRes Proxy is preffered. For smaller online delivery, a QuickTime H264 will work, please no .mp4s.

  • Timecode window burn-in [see above for Timecode specs]  Please put in an action safe corner, small enough not to block any mouths or sound-related events but large enough to read.

  • An audio reference of how the project has sounded up until the turnover point in the edit should be attached to the QuickTime. 


2. Reference Audio Splits

  1. Please provide seperate VO/DIALOG/SFX/MUSIC audio reference files. (.wav 16bit/48kHz)

  2. At minimum please provide a stereo audio reference file with DIALOG panned left and ALL ELSE panned right

3. Scripts and Cues

Please provide Scripts and/or Timecodes with Line Transcription for intended recording.

We can accept: 

Edicue tracks from Pro Tools

Excel Sheet


Googe doc/sheet 

.midi for ediprompt 


4. Delivery Specifications

  • ​Please include all available Delivery Specifications required by the Production/Post-Production Facility

  • Please let us know how you would like the ADR or VO files Delivered

We have an online Review Service or a Wetransfer Plus account.

We can accept invitation links for Aspera (for downloads and uploads)

Software versions: 

Pro Tools Ultimate 2021.12.0

Edicue 3.4.3

Ediprompt 2.4.6

Source-Connect Pro 3.9

Souce-Live Pro 1.0.2


Available Microphones


Boom : Sennheiser MKH 416 |  Rode NTG-3                 

Lav : DPA 4060 | Sanken COS 11                        

Vocal : Neumann KLM 103

Please contact for complete list or any other specific requests



Studio Contacts

Studio Manager:

Studio Engineer:


Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.


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